Love, not evangelism.

You will never reach me. I am a Christian, but I don’t want to be associated with most Christians. During my life, I have grown up grounded in Church. I have great memories of really falling in love with my faith. I have grown and been taught how to love because of my faith, or so I thought.

It is important to know where I come from. I am a Southern Baptist raised, Christian University student. I am proud of my school and the church that raised me. I am not here questioning my beliefs or those who instilled them in me. What I am questioning is how we use what we are taught. I believe the Bible is always relevant and true, what I have come to disagree with is how we use that Bible.

In the past few months I have come to a place of disagreement. I trust my faith and the hope it instills. I no longer trust many who claim the same trust. I look into the world and I take a step back from faith to observe. Christians have backed themselves into a dark corner that only the God we claim to trust can pull us out of, if we let Him. Christians have very strong beliefs when dealing with sin, and I also believe many of the same things. The issue I have run into is not the idea of sin and the negative effects. What I have issue with is how Christians do things.

I love my Faith and the hope it instills, but this hope isn’t made accessible to all. We claim to love all who approach us and to hate sin, not people. Are we accomplishing this? I see very few I would trust to say that. This is a tricky subject write about. Many will read this and feel I am being unfair to the Christians doing what they preach, I am. Others will read this and think I am being too soft on a generation of hypocritical zealots, I am.

I don’t want to see Christians hated, nor do I want to see those who aren’t Christian offended. I for one have a heart for both groups. I grew up in church where every service was revolving around being in the world but not of it. This instilled such negative opinion of the world that for years I was as judgmental as the world says Christians are. I am ashamed at my attitude towards the world.

You see this blog isn’t to reprimand or rebuke Christians, it is to ask forgiveness for my own actions. I judged harshly and though love was preached and the words were taught the actions are far from seen. Don’t get me wrong, I have had many a great mentor who illustrated love in such a fantastic way I couldn’t help but learn. The hard truth is that we are told to love but we aren’t shown how.

I was taught to show love to the homosexual community but the whole time I was suppose to be doing everything to make sure the law wasn’t changed. Not to mention everyone you spent time with had to be vetted with holy water and spiritual counseling to prevent hell by association. Don’t get me wrong it is very necessary for young Christians to be careful for a season but those that are spiritually mature are wasting all of their time in bible study and not loving those Jesus is so desperate to reach.

As a Christian I am tired of being surrounded by a group of Bibles and not loving those who need it most. I long for conversations with people where the bible isn’t mentioned in conversation but those I am around are so inspired by love that they begin to feel loved. I am not talking about that yearly message your pastor gives you and the subsequent dollar bill you give to the homeless man on the way home. I am talking about a life change where you are so grounded in God’s love that you are surrounded by the hopeless and those who don’t want anything to do with Christianity who need love most.

I am tired of every conversation immediately trying to convert people who don’t think they need your religion. Stop evangelizing and start living. If you have to say your going to a homeless ministry your probably doing it wrong. People don’t need a ministry, they need love! They need to know your genuinely caring for them. Christianity isn’t about a church service or a community potluck.

Stop trying so hard to reach people, Live with love and grace. Stop trying push your dogma and start showing compassion. It  is time for Christians to stop being hateful about laws changing and start loving people. We aren’t helping anyone by constantly offending the homosexual community. We can’t hold them to the convictions we have. Try loving them until they see Jesus in you. A law isn’t going to stop them from being homosexual.

I am not saying to lay down your beliefs or stop defending a Christian Worldview. I am saying stop making your worldview more important than loving people. Again remain firm in your beliefs but people will listen after compassion much quicker than being judged. I am a Christian, and I love people. I am done with hypocrisy in my actions, not in the youth camp high churches are filled with but with real conviction on the wasted time Christian spend never leaving their protective bubble.